from an article entitled Indelible Images: The Fine Art of David Ladmore by Sylvia Weinstock, Boulevard Magazine, September/October 2006:

"He is that rarity among artists: someone who paints in watercolour and oils, draws in goldpoint and silverpoint and creates exquisite etchings and monotypes - all at a masterful level."

"Landscape is a metaphor for an internal experience," observes Ladmore, sitting in his studio between two large works-in-progress. "All elements in a landscape have meanings that represent emotional states, how you respond to the universe."

"His etchings have a timeless quality," says Willis. "He is a master at whatever media he tries. His works are like precious jewels. They resonate on an emotional level."

"I love his watercolours," Shaw told me. "They are just so beautiful. He's so talented, it's scary. He deserves much wider recognition for his work."

other quotes:

"I love his softened, poetic realism. Like poetry it is more than it is, layers upon layers." Tracy Fraser, poet

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