Of Love and Water
Poems by Gerard Rochford
Images by David Ladmore


Of Love and Water
Poems by Gerard Rochford from Aberdeen, Scotland
Images by David Ladmore from Victoria, Canada
Published by Koo Press and Malfranteaux Concepts
ISBN 978 1 870978 82 8
Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies - sold out

About the book:

Of Love and Water is a pairing of David Ladmore's paintings, drawings and etchings with Gerard Rochford's poetry. Ladmore and Rochford met by chance in 2008 and realized they shared common themes and styles in their work. Although the art forms were different, the heart and soul were the same and the idea for the book was born.


The Kiss of a Woman

Oh, the shock of it to this priest.

Not a bolt from the sudden death of a friend,
or icy water on his naked skin,
nor hearing a new and terrible sin.

More like his first breath, then finding the nipple,
or seeing young lovers darkly in his church.

Through his body ran a starlit strike
within those frozen seconds before and after,
as the woman statued, willing to bless whatever.

This much, years thereafter, he offered up,
did not betray the moment between himself and her.

And no one asked: What next? or: Who was she?
for the story was sacred,
beyond the tolling of words or the telling of bells.

Comments from other poets:

'I love the water imagery that flows through everything, the sadness that sometimes seeps in, and the unerring sense of music. These are very fine poems.'
Lorna Crozier, Chair of the Writing Department, University of Victoria

'Gerard Rochford and David Ladmore have produced a book of memory and dream. David Ladmore's paintings walk hand in hand with these poems. The paintings open the doors to the mysteries of these lovely, sensual poems.'
Wendy Morton, holder of Spirit Bear and Honourary Citizen of Victoria awards

'...absolutely ravishing poems and stunning visuals.'
Michael Dennis Browne, Professor of Creative Writing, University of Minnesota

About Gerard Rochford:

Gerard Rochford was born in England, lived in Hong Kong, and spent much of his life in Scotland. He has many children and grandchildren and writes mostly about human relationships, wildlife and occasionally politics. ''Perhaps they are all one.'' His partner lives in Victoria.

His recent collections include: Figures of Stone, Koo Press 2009 and Failing Light, a handcrafted limited edition from www.embershandpress.co.uk 2011. Anthologies include Erotica, Ascent Aspirations, Canada 2008 and Silver, Polygon, UK 2009.

He has been principal guest reader at the Planet Earth readings in Victoria, where he has read many times. He was a featured poet on the USA website Poets Against the War. His poem My Father's Hand was included in the Best 20 Scottish Poems of 2006 for the Scottish Poetry Library. He is the Makar (Laureate) for www.scottishreview.net to which he contributes a poem every month.

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